About me


I always loved to design and create clothing for children. I am a mother of three boys and they walked as kids in many of my creations. When my boys left home i handmade hundreds of dresses and skirts. I got so busy that i left my sewing machine to be a teacher.


Now i am a grandmother of two lovely grandchildren, so you understand that i started again to design and produce many dresses for them. My daughter in law recieved questions of girlfriends: “where did you buy those cute clothes?” So she encouraged me to make not only clothes for our darlings, but also for your darlings! I design and create childrens clothing with all of my care, love and happiness!


Do you see a design that would suit your child beautifully? You are always welcome to reach me through infoLandCkids@gmail.com or send my a personal message through facebook. I will surely answer your request! Thank you.